As an open-source application, the choices for support are extensive. Free support is available provided there are volunteers to offer it. Developers and users frequent the mailing list and forum and if you have specific questions illustrating your issue or what you wish to acheive asking your question on either the mailing list or forum will provide the answers you need. However, if you are using KwaMoja and need the backing and guaranttee of a response within a reasonable time-frame then commercial support is also available from a number of providers. KwaMoja cannot endorse any particular commercial support provider, although many of the developers and contributors are actively engaged in businesses that support KwaMoja.



A good place to start looking for support is on our forums. These cover a wide range of topics but if you feel that there is a forum topic that we have not got, then please let us know and we will do our best to oblige.


As with everything related to this project we ask everybody to read and abide by our Code of Conduct before signing up for our forums. Abuse of this code will not be tolerated.

Mailing lists


The developers mailing list archives are a great resource for questions that have been asked in the past. It is always worth checking the archives of both the forums and the mailing list before asking your question to discover if it has been asked before. This saves everybody time, and avoids the developers in having to answer the same question multiple times.