Read and Follow the KwaMoja Code of Conduct....

It is a fundamental principle in the KwaMoja project that we all treat each other with honesty, politeness and respect. All members of the community whether you be developer, translator, bug reporter, user, documenter, or contribute in any other way, you must read and abide by the project Code of Conduct

Our primary focus is to make contributing to the project a fun and interesting experience for everyone, and dishonest or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

....many ways to communicate with each other

Good communication is essential to the success of any open source project. For this reason we have decided to make communication central to every aspect of the project.

Developers have a mailing list to which you can subscribe to here where technical issues can be discussed. It is our experience that developers tend to prefer mailing lists. There are Forums for discussions on a variety of topics. There is a Wiki where users and developers can make notes, and share ideas, follow us on twitter, or if you just fancy a chat on any subject that takes your fancy drop into our irc chat room (#KwaMoja on .

The only thing we ask is that you treat each other with politeness and good humour, as laid out in our Code of Conduct

Practice good governance....

It is our intention that the KwaMoja project be goverened by a board of governors who will have the last word in settling disputes.

It is our intenion that this board will be elected by the users and developers of KwaMoja.

However this is obviously something that can only happen once the project has gained some traction. In the interim the board of governors shall consist of the project founders. It is hoped to keep this interim delay as short as possible.

....and have fun

Above everything else contributing to the project in whatever way should be fun, and interesting. Lets all make sure we keep it that way.