What is KwaMoja?

KwaMoja is a Kiswahili concept, literally meaning "For Unity". In the context of an open source project such as this, it is intended to symbolise the bringing together of all contributors and users. To unify a project that has become fractured, due to the many squabbles and arguments that have occurred between the administrator of webERP and many of the developers of that project.

It is also intended to describe the idea of bringing all the various strands of a business together into one software suite. The term ERP has become much misused over the last few years, so we have tried not to use that term here. KwaMoja is simply a tool that helps brings all the aspects of a business together.

KwaMoja is a fork of the once popular webERP project.   WebERP has suffered in recent years with an increasingly abusive and dictatorial style of management,  which has seen the number of downloads go into decline. Many of us felt that the time was right to move the project on in a more open and community driven style.